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The Dirty Sock Funtime Band DVD


The first full length DVD from the Dirty Sock Funtime band, featuring 3 full television episodes and 8 brand new music videos, including Dino-Soaring, Music Everywhere and Baby Spies. Includes the exclusive bonus companion CD "Missing Socks!" The Dirty Sock Funtime Band is a wild, Technicolor musical comedy show set in a world where ANYTHING can happen! Follow the adventures of the Rock-n-roll best friends Mike and Stephen, their band "THE DIRTY SOCKS" & their loony pink haired companion, Mr. Clown, as they take on kid-sized challenges that can only be solved by their out-sized imaginations. "the Dirty Sock Funtime Band" combines live action comedy, animated videos, puppetry and interactive dance-a-longs & sing-a-longs. As seen on PBS and currently showing in Chuck E. Cheeses' across the country! "It's entertaining... offering colorful visuals and bouncy, positive music you can sing along with after the first listen. Your little ones will love it." - dadnabbit.com

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-The Dirty Sock Funtime Band DVD